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QIAN Chun-chi masters German translation Translation from medicine

Mr. Qian Chunqi long lived in Shanghai, has not seen for many years. Qiazhiyisuan, he should be eighty-eight, right? The congratulations for his "life meter" again! As has been suffering from the translation of his b ounty, the younger, should call hello. Thought, his voice trembling Bacheng deaf, hard to determine who is. But completely contrary to my expectation, he is still deaf sound clear, still the same as twenty years ago, when we meet, I am really pleased.
Mr. Qian brought our generation learn German, especially poetry lovers all respect him, grateful to him, because he is our teacher without a crown. Self-college year of 1956 that the initial contact with the German poetry translation is a translation of two people, one of Feng Zhi's "Heine Poems" and the other is a translation of Heine QIAN Chun-chi's "poetry collection" " New collection of poems, "" Roman Mining Law. " Not long after, "German Poetry", "Selected Poems of the German Democratic Republic", the German medieval epic "Song of Nibelungs" one by one publication, a look at another of his translations. Can be described as the addition of fast. Check the original, really have skills, can not help but respect. One asked, so that our unexpected: He is not German majors in college. He was originally a medical student, because the relationship between medicine and German closer to the first use of German lessons learned German. South East in 1946 graduated from Shanghai Medical College, worked in three hospitals became a doctor, and quite accomplished, there are four medical monographs published. But when he "fell into" German poetry the sea, he was soon translated poetry "captured"! Translated a few books, then rampant income. Love of medicine and he soon took the poetry translation! With the hospital does not respect the pursuit of his professional dermatology, he had to bear the pain and medical breaking up, bid farewell to the hospital, and wages from decoupling, decided to go German translation of the career path. It was a matter in 1960.

Days do not think our wishes. Did a few years, the "Cultural Revolution" of the blue. Where a foreign literature, both ancient and modern, but regardless of fiction poetry, were all swept into the "closed-owned repair" "Ancient ocean" and "trash." Colleagues talk about it all is Mr. Qian worry: no pay, and not a book, how life been?

No matter how had he come out after all! Moreover, a more striking phenomenon emerged: With the reform and opening up, China will soon be publishing the work of restoration and development of his poetry translated immediately after another one a launch. Obviously, the "Cultural Revolution" Although he had their homes searched, and took away the "capital" - the million copies outside the instrument, together with the four books of translation, which he no doubt was a hit. But he did not despair, he did not completely idle, he, as always, continue to engage in his translation, and are all anxious to read the masterpiece: "Goethe Poems," "Faust," "Gothic narrative poems" " Goethe plays, "" Selected Poems of Schiller, "" German Romantic poet, Poetry, "" Theodor Storm Lyric Poetry, "" The French poet Lyric Poetry "," Hesse Lyric Poetry, "" Nietzsche Selected Poems "," Charles Altos Stella says, "" Flowers of Evil depression in Paris "and a large number of essays, fiction and drama masterpieces such as" Rilke prose, "" The Sorrows of Young Werther and Duoluo Tai Herman "" Heine prose "" Nietzsche prose "" Zweig prose "" Valery prose, "and so on.

As a translator, Mr. Qian Chunqi of the most valuable point is his strategic vision, he knows some of the most worthy of the translation of the first and most urgent need of all the objects translated rope in the chest, and then concentrate on, down to earth, step by step to implement, this would give up his beloved career and livelihood security, perseverance, is indeed commendable.

Mr. Qian studied at an early age the private school taught by a scholar, familiar with many classical classics, classical laid a good foundation, so that he "who study and work for the future benefit." So he asked strokes sophisticated, Europeanized little taste, a rich vocabulary, but also quite poetic taste.

Qian became famous translation of another important condition is a soft spot for his language, and full of talent. In addition to German, he is also proficient in English, French, Japanese, Russian and other languages, and even studied Spanish, Latin and Ancient Greek. This translation provides a wide range of his reference to his translation can accurately express the intent, but also difficult to translate some competent, such as his translation of "Thus Spake Zarathustra, said," more than the original text comments words. The translation of research to benefit from his multi-language advantage, making him the scholar-translator.

Often heard it said: they can be translated poetry writing poetry, such as Bian, Feng Zhi, and other poetic translation of the original house green all benefit from their poet character. This prompted us to find find out the key to the mystery of poetry translation QianLao: a child, he loved poetry, the age of 14 exercises, 16-year-old is an integrated collection of poems. Professional translation in later life, sometimes also "sing", no wonder he also said he was "a poet bones", so pay attention to the rhythm of his translation, charm, can maintain the original poem and poetry more intrinsic charm .

The three generations of younger money old German poems translated into the translation industry learning model for poetry translation, one of far-reaching.

As Mr. Qian Chunqi and advantages of the above-mentioned achievements, he has received the Lu Xun's Translation Award, he also has been named the top ten in Shanghai one of the best translators. Mr. Qian Chunqi results in terms of translation, or translation level, and translation of attitude from the side, are called the current world of literary translation German translation, one of the best in the whole world is also one of the few translations of foreign literature, from the German poetry translation side, it is called the leader. So, we are fortunate that Mr. Qian's time when diverted: he's diverted, unrelated to the medical profession Hongzhi, gave us the benefit of the German translation community.

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