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Liang Shiqiu is literary view and interpreter activity

Success of Liangshi autumn interpreter is extraordinary, he used time of 37 years alone interpret is over " Shakespeare complete works " ; Besides, he still translated ten kinds of work, be like " Abaila and Ai Luqi this love letter " , " Xisailuowen is recorded " , " weaver Ma Na is passed " wait for western literature famous book. Liang Shiqiu is well-known literary critic, he emphasizes literature ought to the human nature of depict eternity, those who emphasize reason is abstemious, write the script that has much literary criticism, be like " bias collect " , " literary discipline " , " romantic with classic " etc. Liang Shiqiu ever was in the United States gentleman of heart of Shi Congbai a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center, his literary thought is affected by white family name. Literary thought of Liang Shiqiu reflects the literature in him not only in criticism, in reflecting that famous debate that has in he and Lu Xun, and in still reflecting the interpreter activity in him, reflect especially go up in his interpreter select material. The article basically will discuss literary thought of Liang Shiqiu to translate the influence of select material to him.


Above all the literary thought that we will come to see Liang Shiqiu. Hou Jian says, " say with the simplest word, liang Shiqiu thinks literary content is elementary general human nature, literary requirement discipline, of i.e. reason abstemious. " (Hou Jian, 1974: 155) this one " literary content " get Bai Bide's influence.

Liangshi autumn one's early years is a romanticist, the work to heart of aesthete king Er " to for the hobby " , " think he is in any respects are somebody extraordinary content " (Liang Shiqiu, 1977a: 3) . He went to the United States to study abroad 1923, much university learns preexistence division Luo La, published " Baron and romanticism " one article. In this article, he gave very high opinion to Russell, think " the van that Lu Sao is the French Revolution, also be the first ancestor that complete Europe romance moves. Lu Sao's mission is the fetters and handcuffs on unfixed mankind spirit, make the individual has the freedom of free development; Romanticism is expression of this kind of spirit stopped in literature only. " (Liang Shiqiu, 1926a: 110) but since him enter division of Ha Fo college after Cong Baibi heart, the thought produced very big change. He begins to be opposite oneself before romanticism thought undertakes self-criticism, wrote " Wang Erde and its romanticism " one article, get Bai Bide's admiration. Hou Jian thinks, " talk Chinese free verse written in a vernacular " with " the romantic trend of contemporary China literature " the different point of view that representing from beginning to end of change of Liang Shiqiu thought. Former publish the Chinese Students Monthly in Feburary 1925, writing place is haing Buddha university, date should antedate Liang Shiqiu accepts white Bi Desai to want; Latter was written on Feburary 15, 1926, right now, liang Shiqiu already turned into Colombian university. Be in " by Chinese free verse written in a vernacular " in, feeling of his praise highly, advocate novelty, be like poetry to admire substantially to Guo Mei (Liang, 1925: 55) ; And " the romantic trend of contemporary China literature " it is " Liang Shiqiu is negative oneself past, turn to Baibi under De Daqi enunciative. Henceforth, his literary thought and belief are its continuance and illuminate. " (Hou Jian, 1974: 150-151)
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