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Commemorate Fu Lei

On September 3, 1966, this is the time that Fu Lei and madam Zhu Meifu leave this world, this year today, be 20 anniversary. These 20 years of live well are fast, I still write an article to commemorate them without time. Common saying says: Paper of “ scholar favor half pieces. ” I also did not present even these half pieces of paper before old friend is clever, of favor thin, can be imagined. Nevertheless, want to commemorate Fu Lei's couple really, half pieces of paper is insufficient after all, and complacently big article also is not written however piece, then protracted to today.
Now, there is 15 to coil on my bookshelf " volume of teach thunder translation " with two version " Fu Lei a letter from home " , it is Fu Min is sent give, still have two old edition " tall old man " and " stage of Ge Lang of Ou Yeni · " , fu Lei sends me, have his holograph inscribe. My there is a piece of my picture in illuminating album, it is to was on April 16, 1979 on teach thunder memorial meeting, below the wreath that in Zhao Chao compose sends, shen Zhongzhang illuminates to me, there still is a chrysanthemum on the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket. Come a few this years, I am silent to these things, grieve over Fu Lei.
1939, I am in Kunming. In Jiang Xiaojian's new residence, encounter Teng Gu and Fu Lei. This is I and teach Lei Ding hands in begin. The opportunity that but I and he meets,chats, have twice only, do not know how one and the same, he and Teng Gu are noisy broke up, under one anger, answer Shanghai. This is the “ anger ” that I appreciate Fu Lei for the first time. The alias that knows him later calls “ anger hut ” , also do not feel strange. From now on, when talking with him, have to raise vigilance.
1943, I answer Shanghai mothering from Fujian, lived in Shanghai 5 months, ever arrived together with week warm fine Lv class grade (today the road austral Chongqing) Parisian new residential quarter goes seeing Fu Lei, know island of Gu of his breath shadow, prep bent on translates Luo Lan of Luo Man · . Knew Zhu Meifu this. Also see there is a piano in visitor hall, his son Fu Cong sits in the Lian Qin on ladder.
The friendship of I and Fu Lei, can say to begin only at liberating later. In those days he already means of Jiangsu of change one's dwelling house is quiet lane, those who live is the house of Home Song Chunfang. I live in the vicinity of, turn a turn reachs his home. At the beginning of the fifties, he plunges into a gram in interpret Ba Er, I am in husband of assist of interpret cut down, show Ke Wei to raise with Nikesuo. Such, what we become literature of interpreter foreign country is fellow, accordingly, in these a few years, my constant goes chatting in his home, all sorts of thesauruses that also use him sometimes check a few words.
But, I dare not talk about interpreter technology with him, because of us the interpreter method of two people is very not same. First because of his interpret is French composing, from textual interpret, of my interpret is English turns translation, use interpret method differs at all. Second I advocate the interpreter wants express the idea only, I from English this interpret, can accomplish the meaning of Daying translation only. Flower translation is responsible to original text version, I am right flower translation is responsible. Fu Lei advocates not only want express the idea, beg lifelike even. He has cited an example frequently. He says: Of Shakespeare " Hamlet " have a “ the first times so static that do not have even the sound of a mice ” . French translation of Dan Jide, this one is “ however so static that do not have even the sound of a cat ” . He says “ this is not interpret fault, this is express the idea, this namely lifelike. I say ” , according to your idea, chinese translation should interpret makes “ silent ” . He says “ is right ” . I say: “ is no good, because the British word of Shakespeare times is medium need not cat or crow tit will describe static. ”
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