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Huangshan Tract Society, "China ancient cultural relics collection" selected
Recently, Huangshan publishing house published "China's ancient cultural relics collection" was selected as "works translated and published books on Chinese culture", access to 4 million yuan translation assistance. This is also the year the agency following the "classic Chinese art history" was selected as the "classic works published in China", the selected countries are the second major book, "Going Global" Grant. "Works translated and published books on Chinese culture" by the State Council Information Office, Press and Publication Administration to initiate and implement, through the funding of book publishing, for countries to readers more complete and true understanding and knowledge of China and promoting China's publishing enterprises to go in order to achieve communication Chinese culture and enhance China's cultural soft power purposes. "Translation and Publication Project" focuses on high-class publications, focusing on key support to finance culture, literature, science and technology, country and other areas of products mainly to finance translation, publishing and promotion expenses. Huangshan Tract Society official said, "China's ancient cultural relics collection" can be selected for the project, thanks to Anhui Publishing Group and the Times Publishing books over the years, the media stock company "going out" to work vigorous advocacy and attention. Since its establishment, the International Cooperation Department, through the guidance of the community utilize the State with "going out" incentives, targeted planning topics, to declare the project to provide high quality information resources for the community's "go out" work in the direction. Huangshan Tract Society deputy director of the hard work concentrating on the agency "go out", and use good version of trade professionals, scientific planning, a strong push to promote the agency "go out" continuously fruitful. "China's ancient cultural relics collection" is organized by the Heritage Society of China well-known experts, scholars and local museums, and invited Japan, the United States, France and Hong Kong and Taiwan well-known experts together to complete a masterpiece, before and after work is edited for 8 years, were elected to the Neolithic Age to 1911 from China at this stage about 20,000 of ancient antiques, book a total of 16, 30. It filled the works of China's Cultural Relics integrated blank, is currently published in China, the largest cultural sector, the most authoritative set of cultural works. After the project, "translated and published books on Chinese culture project" funding the successful "going out", will introduce China to the world long and splendid history of art, the spread of Chinese traditional culture play a major role.
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