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Translation is the conversion between the two cultures
English translation of Mao Tse-tung, vice chairman of the Translators Association of China, Wen Tang days before his death at the Shaanxi Provincial Translators Association 30th anniversary celebration. Celebration conference, the guests watched the TV movie "thirty", jointly review the translation business for 30 years in Shaanxi course of development. TAC as a province of China seven senior translator issued a certificate, and third country students, "Helen Snow Translation Award" contest winners were awarded prizes and certificates. In the afternoon, Tang Wensheng Shaanxi translation professionals, college students and do a theme of "Facing the translation of business tomorrow," the academic report. Face to face communication with them, and to answer students questions. Tang Wensheng told Nixon visit to China, Kissinger visited China, she played the translation thing. Tang Wensheng that translation is the conversion between cultures, rather than a simple conversion between different languages, the translator's cultural awareness, personal taste is important, as the senior translation industry, Tang Wensheng message to the presence of the translation profession: Translation is bridge the world, not translated, you can not go to the world.
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