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Senior tips explain Interpret Yingyi Han
The attitudes of English in large numbers. Be long or short, the structure has complicated a simple, limited to the first word strong or weak, and sometimes that plays a complementary role, or in logic that reason, purpose, conditions, concessions and results, and so Italy Justice. Attributive The translation therefore especially important, the following I will introduce you some translation skills attributive clause 1) compression English attributive clause to compress into a sentence elements of Chinese, which is translated into Chinese, with "the" phrase, when the attributive clause is called a short, put the belt "and" rhetoric of Chinese attribute the phrase to be placed before the words No doubt there are questions or principles involved which can not be ignored and underestimated. No doubt the people involved here can not be ignored or underestimated the principle Law offers us our best hope of overcoming the differences that prevail the world. The law allows us to overcome the differences that prevail in the world the best hope But Miggle's laugh, which was very infectious, broke the silence. However, the density was very infectious laugh Siegel broke the silence The deterioration of the international situation, which I noted in the introduction to the annual report last year, has continued. In my last annual report of the kind mentioned in the introduction to the deterioration of the international situation has continued 2) The demolition of translation If the attributive clause long and complex, whether restricted or unrestricted, and often terribly frightened, on the before and after the main clause, and occasionally can be completely separate from the main sentence and the sentence He will show her the place where they could make her look a proper dame ---- for next to nothing. He could take her to that place, where they will dress her as a beautiful girl, but can not spend some money I told the news to Robert, who told it to his friend Larry and soon the news spread all over the campus. I told the news to Robert, he told his friend Larry, and news quickly spread on campus They are striving for the ideal which is close to the heart of every Chinese and for which in the past, many Chinese have laid down their lives. They struggle for the realization of an ideal, this ideal is cherished by every Chinese, many Chinese have laid down their lives He had talked to Vice-President Nixon, who assured him that everything that could be done would be done. He and Vice President Nixon talked to the vice president assured him that everything that could be done, must try to follow the above. 3) switch to translation Some of the attitudes of English on the logic plays a main clause adverbial role, with reasons, the purpose, conditions and concessions, and so relations. Translation validation should be read between the lines from the original logic of these relationships, and then translated into the Han Complex sentences corresponding prejudiced language. The strike would prevent the docking of ocean steamships, which require assistance of tugboats. Ocean-going vessels can dock strike, because the landing need the help of tugs Chinese trade delegations have been sent to African countries, who will negotiate trade agreement with the respective government. China sent a trade mission to African countries to negotiate with the governments of these countries trade agreements My uncle, who will be seventy tomorrow, is still a keen sportsman. My uncle, at least 70 years old tomorrow, but he is still keen on outdoor sports
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