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Name of CCTV share column flower interpret

The column of the CCTV is greatly small have 200 many, among them the name of many columns everybody familiar to the ear can detailed. How these column names compactly interpret is become into English cannot evasive problem.

Title of column name and title, article is same, it is the pen that make the finishing point, its interpreter should follow the following principle: 1. Can reflect the central content of this column, stress a theme. 2. Translated term must concise, understand to understand easily, bright able to read aloud fluently. 3. Need not sentential structure, namely advocate call guest or advocate the structure that fasten a watch. 4. Cannot interpret without real understanding. Be like " east is spatio-temporal " interpret is Oriental Horizon. The means of Horizon is horizontal, namely " looks to horizontal way, the day hands in received line " with ground photograph, regard column name as artistic conception with this far-reaching, give the space that the person imagines. If interpret is Eastern Time And Space, lose its deep sense. Be like social classics abb again is the program of a legal system with the earliest CCTV, the purpose is popularize legal knowledge to the audience, enhance the legal consciousness of the audience, promote judicatory justice. "Social classics abb does not have law on " literal, if metaphrase becomes English, can appear indescribable. But if interpret becomes Net Of Justice, can make the person thinks of justice by law, think of day net extensive by classics abb. Be like again " the setting sun is red " interpret is Sunset Glow, apter, be full of poetic flavour again. Because of the meaning "throw Out Light And Heat Without Flame" (The Concise Oxford Dictionary Of Current English of Glow, p.502) . Below, the author the column name that gathers flower interpret and everybody share:

Focal interview Topics In Focus

News investigates News Probe

News 30 minutes of News In 30 Minutes

Commercial TV Business TV

Market Hotline of market hot line

World economy reports World Economic Report

The stock market analyses Stock Market Analysis

The nocturnal Soccer Night of the football

Healthy club Health Club

Spring Festival Gala Evening of Spring Festival evening party

Half The Sky of half the sky

Super Variety Show of grand sight of put together art

Garden For Opera Fans of theater fun garden

Big Pinwheel of fresh gale car

Tangram Tangram

12 studioes Twelve Studio

Chinese Ethnic Peoples of the Chinese nation

Science and technology reads extensively Science And Technology Review

Person and natural Man And Nature

greatly Zhengda Variety Show of put together art

Book world draws center Gallery Of Calligraphy Painting

Skyline in all right now Time Together Across The Strait

China Kaleidoscope of amorous feelings of an ancient name for China
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