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English borrows " 10 China word "

(one) silk ——silk

China is sericiculture big country, the birthplace of silk. The top-secret technology that china and silk are archaic China foreign trade from beginning to end and look after the house commodity, till the Opium War before, england imports the piano of Guangzhou, still do the silk that is richly bejewelled nevertheless. The pronunciation of “silk” , it is the transliteration of Chinese apparently, this word represented China excellent engineering technology and commerce are strong. Even if now, silk still acts as in modern life natural and graceful is elegant and luxuriant, high indicative.

(2) tea ——tea

This word, it is an Englishman of the spirit away in the word austral the Fujian from awkward-sounding. Tea, compare a shoulder with silk, china, can calls the fist of archaic China foreign trade the product. Current, tasted tea to represent a kind of lifestyle and culture grade, the Chinese reflection to life, can be in almost wave in the wind find in tea smoke. Occupy Xiao Qian " tea is in England " the introduction: The tea that “ tea is the brings Europe the earliest by the Portuguese …… England at the beginning of 17 centuries it seems that is at first east Indian company introduces from Xiamen, 17 centuries 40 time, flower person begins plant experimentally tea in Indian colony, in those days, likelihood with respect to nurturance the habit that adds candy in tea. ” allegedly, although be in ” of “ World War II in that way the period with fatigued goods and materials, coffee of French ration admeasure, what the Englishman wants is tea, still have little sugar. Tea became European “ backbone ” , they can follow tea only popular bewitched ground walks, this is not native land history and heredity; However the conquer of different region culture and absorb. The Du Xunjue of Chai Si spy of 18 centuries is flat in " example child a letter from home " in write: “ although tea comes from east, it is gent odour after all; And cocoa is a ruffian, craven, a graceless beast of prey. ”

(3) ——Shangrila of a haven of peace (Xanadu)

This is word of two close meaning. Have the meaning of ” of “ a haven of peace. The lira of fabulous ground —— sweet case of “Shangrila” out Tibet, “Xanadu” is Mongolia yuan go up. If want to convey ” of “ a haven of peace, use “Xanadu” normally this word. Look, in order to be born the American writer Thoreau of pose as, ascend a lake in made of baked clay Er in vain on the side, did so long “ anchoret ” . Pay attention to the philosophy of ” of “ lovemaking landscape, hold aloof from the world, the Chinese is the originator of cut into a mountain of be worthy of.  

(4) geomantic ——Feng Shui

Geomantic, still be transliteration. It condensed archaic China to be in the collective wisdom of living person residence and respect of the dead graveyard. Although somebody is playing the banner of alleged “ scientific ” , denounce is geomantic it is feudal superstition; But, have blind faith in alleged “ scientific ” , complacent and conservative, it is additionally one kind of superstition. Geomantic integral principle is “ hasten benefit avoids kill ” , this also is safety lives most the credo of at least. In recent years, geomantic be in the United States extremely red temporarily, from the syllable that gives out between Chinese lip tine, had become contemporary person to be badly in need of the knowledge of dug.  
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