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What is simultaneous interpretation

Be in China, simultaneous interpretation was ignored by most youth; Little imagine this kind of industry besides high pay, be in 10 years probably older even inside, always also be the talent surprises be short of.

Simultaneous interpretation, abbreviation “ passes ” together, all sorts of languages when be being used at large international conference commonly are changed each other. Simultaneous interpretation is the means of a kind of interpreter of current world popularity, what at present the international conference of on the world 95% uses is to be passed together. There are a large number of simultaneous interpretations to work in the behind the curtain when U.N. attends a meeting, that is to say, simultaneous interpretation member not be commonly before act, however “ hides ” works in the behind the curtain. It asks interpret gives language and interpret to enter language is almost synchronous undertake (it is to differ 3 seconds to control commonly) , when the spokesman's speech is passed in ear of the person that attend the meeting, had been the language that the person that attend the meeting is familiar with severally.

After the Second World War ends, when establishing the World Court in German Nuremberg to try fascist war criminal, adopt simultaneous interpretation first, this also is the first time on the world adopts simultaneous interpretation in large international activity.

Come nearly 10 years, annual meeting extends gold season, the simultaneous interpretation with the not much amount to on Shanghai beach member can demand exceeds supply, go straight towards the assembly room at each big international conference. Normally a large international conference, can shift to an earlier date 3 weeks two even connection of a month is good pass dragoman together, the setting data that transmits dragoman to be able to take a few conferences together prepares, but it is far insufficient that light has these data, pass together still need to consult from book, the press, Internet much relevant material. The conference that day, pass together in advance shows up and must make simple communication with main spokesman, want to fulfil a few more professional newer perhaps keywords to collect especially, when the conference ends, be being passed together also leave finally normally.

According to statistic, at present the simultaneous interpretation number of global major does not pass 2000 much people in all, and this kind of talent of China only 25 to 30 people. The density that Shanghai conducts the activity such as international conference, exhibition, forum nowadays is bigger and bigger, according to statistic, 2001 Shanghai every 3 days once international conference, now is every 3 days have international exhibition twice, simultaneous interpretation talent is very in short supply, demand exceeds supply.

According to data investigation, at present the pay of simultaneous interpretation is commonly everyday 4000 yuan of RMBs, this is his average earning. If do not need aide and task of the independent interpreter that finish, come on the stage highestly cost can be achieved everyday 10 thousand yuan of above. The computation of time undertakes according to 8 hours of weekday, begin to calculate a long time from the conference, 4 hours above calculates a day to 8 hours. In addition, the client still requires the charge of board and lodging of the member that pay simultaneous interpretation, airline ticket cost. Although dragoman is impossible all the year round is daily the conference is waiting for them to go interpret, but annual weekday of 100 days or should some. Such calculating come down, income is quite considerable also.
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