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" the Sino-South Korean translates a tutorial "

Subhead: Phylum of 21 centuries Korea lists teaching material
Author: Announce of Zhang Min gold hopes
ISBN: 7301089090
Page number: 492
Book size: Small 16
Cover form: Brief 裝 this
Press: Beijing University press
Publication date: 2005-8-1
Fix a price: 52 yuan

Characteristic reachs a comment

This series teaching material is become by the university of Normal University of university of institute of foreign language of institute of foreign language of university of university of Beijing University, Shandong, Beijing foreign language, Dalian, Luoyang, Qingdao, Shandong, central nation, university that extend a limit, Yantai university, Korea all the expert of the school of domestic and international much place such as house university, professor compiles jointly.

Content brief introduction

This book is one have academic guidance already originally, have the teaching material of practical Korean interpreter that translates practice again. This teaching material and the different characteristic that translate teaching material and interpreter composing commonly, depend on labor, explain while a variety of practical style translate skill, the interpreter correct errors judges skill of analyse, interpreter and exercise photograph union, make the reader comprehends the interpreter's essence easily, not only can know its like that, and can know its the reason why.
This teaching material characteristic:
Practical strong: This book explains the Sino-South Korean of a variety of practical style the first times to translate teaching material in detail for home.
Select material is original: The vocabulary that chooses in the book, text, illustrative sentence, reference material all is newest data.
Text standard: This book judges correct errors skill of analyse, interpreter and exercise photograph union, the standard that provides article of of all kinds Korea writes model essay, inspire a student to undertake translating an activity according to pure Korean expression kind.
The appendix is all ready: In the appendix with part of diction of classics trade term, IT, whole world the Korean standard such as 500 strong companies, famous university conveys a law.
Suit extensive: This book applies to an university student studying abroad of Korean professional student, Korea and Korean interpreter personnel.

This booklist is recorded

Resume of the 1st class
1.1 texts model essay
1.2 vocabularies annotate
1.3 knowing review analyse
1.4 referenced translation
1.5 interpreters common sense
1.6 interpreters practice
Resume of 1.7 interpreters exercise
Korea of 1.8 reference material is translated brief history
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