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" China is translated " magazine

Print of Chinese interpret association " China is translated " , start publication 1980, already gave print now 145 period. Chief editor is Chinese interpret assist standing vice-chairman, whole nation translates professional competence (level) vice director of exam committee of experts, whole nation translates professional and high commissioner to meet a director Lin Wusun. " China is translated " it is level of learning of bound of our country interpret the highest, periodical that has authority most. This print tenet is: Reflective home, international translates academia forward position to develop level and trend, begin interpret to learn academic research, communication translates experience, review translates work, disseminate interpret job knowledge, education of stimulative foreign language, introduce worker of new, old interpreter, report thoughts of bound of domestic and international interpret and trends, prosperity translates a career. Report thoughts of bound of domestic and international interpret and trends. " China is translated " it is worker of teachers and students of academical foreign language, interpreter and interpreter the window that lover communication interpret learns to consider and translate practice experience, have the garden of academic contend.

Main column has this publication: Interpret learns comment of theory of research, interpreter and skill, interpreter, interpret to write judge analyse, interpreter bound of interpreter of interpreter of education, science and technology, classics trade interpreter, practical English interpreter, character introduction, abroad, contemporary abroad translates theory, interpreter.

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