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" written examination of intermediate oral interpretation fors reference essence

Author: Wang Haitao chief editor of Qiu Zheng politics
ISBN: 7506270870
Page number: 330
Book size: Small 16
Cover form: Brief 裝 this
Press: Shanghai world books publishs a company
Publication date: 2004-10-1
Fix a price: 32 yuan

Calendar year true subject and photograph of the train of thought that solve a problem close; Should try strategy and the outside and the inside of academic research photograph; Practice example and interpreter theory blend; Reflect of photograph of genuine ability and learning of actual combat tall dispenses.
“ of achievement of ” of one paper certificate learns “ with double win ” ; 3 years ” of with great concentration makes “ “ ” of 4 monumental work; 5 big problems ” refracts “ “ ” of 6 big errors; 7 names of “ smooth and slick ” of division ” dialytic “ .

Content brief introduction

Teacher of Shanghai new east considers to be carried out with classroom through long-term education, in was being rolled out ceremoniously / exam of advanced oral interpretation coachs books series, divide in all book. This book for " written examination of intermediate oral interpretation fors reference essence of life wants " , by teaching and research group of new Oriental oral interpretation renown master new, Xiao Yi, Qian Chunlei, Xu Lan and Guo Zhongbao create Qiu Zheng politics, Hao Bin, Zhang Chi, cent audition, read and written translation 3 edition piece, audition, read and translate theory and practice example dissolve to be an organic whole. Discuss through each paragraphic systems, the typical problem of calendar year examination questions become clear and lucid with the train of thought that solve a problem. The flashy drop that should try strategy and academic research newly eastward emerges in endlessly, all show paper to go up, make cover a book to make the auxiliary material with education indispensable process originally.

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Audition piece
Speech of the first chapter
The first unisonant reach close sound
The 2nd United States and the distinction of flower sound
The 3rd is read repeatedly
The 4th blows up aphonia
The 5th dialect
Fill a vacancy of dictate of the 2nd chapter
The first preparation before listening
Fill a vacancy of the 2nd dictate
The 3rd examination after listening
Audition of the 3rd chapter understands
The first simple sentence understands
The 2nd paragraph understands
The 4th Zhang Ting interpret
The first word order trains
The 2nd logic trains
The 3rd shorthand trains
The expression of the 4th translation
Read piece
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