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" statistic of frequency of vocabulary of exam of intermediate oral interpretati

Author: Think of a horse to get the school
ISBN: 7801861396
Page number: 160
Book size: Small 32
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Press: East publishs a center
Publication date: 2004-1-1
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Content brief introduction

Be in with numerous in the dialog that divides gainer high, we discover they did not have an other place to study many completely true examination questions, a large number of this kind of exercises make they can grasp propositional pattern well and truly, and a large number of “ are encountered in the exam be like ever was acquainted the word of ” , because English is intermediate,this is oral interpretation exam has a such characteristics: A lot of words reappear again in the exam now, these high frequency words are acting decisive “ part ” in the exam.
Accordingly, these vocabularies are in of examinee decisive place also should be had likewise in reviewing. Then, the results with the involuntary person that we will succeed undertook be arranginged conciously, the word that appears in completely true to calendar year examination questions had frequency statistic, the discretion that presses frequency undertook permutation to the word, hope examinee should master high frequency word adroitly especially.

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