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" ego of English oral interpretation drills "

Author: Yao Lin is unripe
ISBN: 7532617807
Page number: 327
Book size: Big 32
Cover form: Brief 裝 this
Press: Shanghai dictionary press
Publication date: 2005-5-1
Fix a price: 20 yuan

Content brief introduction

Change since opening, the dimensions that our country is having no before and speed, the communication that develops diplomacy, economy, technology and culture with a lot of countries and collaboration, the interest in these international association comes to English mouth mouth show its value more. For this, classics of ministry of national occurrences in human life considers to decide, in the interpreter major implements qualificatory exam system. Complier takes an exam to cooperate oral interpretation, wrote “ ego technically to drill one book of ” .
The characteristic of oral interpretation, it is well and truly understanding former word above all, capture the substantial content of former word, undertake the language is changed quickly, according to the structural characteristic reset of the foreign language, final glibly expression comes out, and the degree that achieves lifelike as far as possible.
In true oral interpretation, the majority all is the interpreter's unit with paragraph, not be to be like what say on a lot of books in that way harangue. Reach to go to the lavatory undertake actual training, the interpret example that provides in the book all is the interpreter that is unit with paragraph, involve a lot of fields. Complier is in this book, besides the experience that introduces oneself, still introduced a lot of rich experience of the old-timer of bound of our country oral interpretation, serve as the person that have keep in mind draw lessons from.

This booklist is recorded

The principle of oral interpretation of English of the first chapter and characteristic
Means of mouth of mouth of the 2nd chapter, method
The standard of oral interpretation of the 3rd rule and difficulty
Process of oral interpretation of the 4th rule reachs a note
The quality of dragoman of the 5th chapter
The 6th chapter is in the note of the different situation dragoman such as diplomacy, foreign trade, science and technology, learning, travel
The note of dragoman of the 7th chapter
The simultaneous interpretation of English of the 8th chapter
The processing technique of of all kinds problem in oral interpretation of the 9th rule
The 10th chapter is used to language, idiom and proverbial interpreter
Exemple of interpret of eleventh chapter diplomacy
Exemple of interpret of dozenth chapter foreign trade
Exemple of interpret of thirteenth chapter travel
Exemple of interpret of science and technology of the 14th chapter, learning
Exemple of interpret of problem of society of the 15th chapter
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