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Collection title: Interpreter teahouse
Author: Liao Cheng makes up Mao Ronggui
ISBN: 7500112920
Page number: 203
Book size: Big 32
Cover form: Brief 裝 this
Press: China is published to evaginate interpret accuse a company
Publication date: 2005-1-1
Fix a price: 12.5 yuan

Characteristic reachs a comment

” of “ interpreter teahouse is another interpreter that wide readership dedicates after China translates “ of publication company afterwards to translate series of theory and ” of solid Wu a series of books, “ to judge ” of interpret a series of books external kind series reader.
The characteristic of this series is:
One, theory blends in between the lines, both neither pursuit builds a system, use academic term less also, your person is read come relaxed;
2, not stick to of article space size, but mostly content is rich, write in an easy and fluent style, reflected the author's rich interpreter experience and rich and generous Chinese strength;
3, what because these articles mirrorred an author to be opposite,translate is personal experience, special individualize, interest sex is accordingly strong, can cause a reader read interest;
4, by one an article composition, read rise to go to the lavatory quite, whatever moment, conveniently turns over an article to be read, read have profit more;
5, read these reader to be able to learn English to learn an interpreter again already, kill two birds with one stone. These book place choose English textual it is good literary works mostly: Meaning is beauty of word beauty, name, beautiful.

Content brief introduction

Translate reader of teahouse ” series, by wonderful essay composition, dedication gives broad interpreter the another high-quality goods of learner!
Interpreter, the supreme state of English study; The good way that thinking trains, the optimal encourage that language feeling fosters.
Chapter of this book incoming dispatches 26: Roam piece, sagacious piece with rainbow piece.
Article report author is personal experience: Interpret hill has way, all because involve aid person it is intentional hero; Interpret sea does not have limit, fasten gruff traveller along the person that cross the sea only.

This booklist is recorded

Publication specification
Roam piece
The interpreter's analogy
Make the wonderful analogy with strong deep
The interpreter is difficult it is muzzle
Informal discussion humour is translated
Popularity is conveyed at the humour of American campus
The interpreter learns in compare and be differentiated
Translator: Swing swings between accurate ” of “ ambiguous ” and “
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