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" contemporary interpreter learns "

Zhu Daqiu of institute of Sichuan foreign language

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В . Н . в of о of р of а of с of с of и of К о м is Russia famous interpreter egghead, one of main delegate characters that translate academic language school. " contemporary interpreter learns " it is him 90 time open " contemporary interpreter learns " the one part of series lecture.

" contemporary interpreter learns " in theoretic the distinguishing feature that stressed the newest achievement that uses linguistics to consider to translate theory. In this composing, the author withheld him to was published 1990 " the interpreter is academic " elite, the administrative levels that translates like equivalence and the sociolinguistics element that achieve the method of these administrative levels, interpreter, still offer a series of new views. What the author thinks to should cause home to translate academic group to notice particularly is в of о of р of а of с of с of и of К о м the research in the following respects.

One, the interpreter's essence 1. в of о of р of а of с of с of и of К о м analysed the characteristic of language intercourse. The aleatoric sex when he thinks a of language intercourse important characteristic is composing a statement namely and be forced sexual photograph is united in wedlock. On one hand, talking person can choose language method according to his intercourse intent freedom, on the other hand, language system forces him to use proper form and sense again. Be like, the change of Russian noun sexual, number, case, the verb has the form of body and sense, these do not depend on the desire of talking person.

According to the view of в of о of р of а of с of с of и of К о м , in intercourse, each intercourse person the language characteristic that has oneself and cultural background, accordingly, they are different normally to the acceptance of text and understanding, this brings about any text to put in double identity actually: Pray says Nai seeks contest to swallow  to say Nai seeks < hurry act of archives of post Wu Song installs  of ⒉ brilliant over sixty years of age to throw Zou a flat stone on iron rammer with ropes attached at the sides badger of hack of Fei of mail of  of post Wu Song intercourse of joyous? of H of Qian of which a surname person the double existence that normally consciousness is less than text, and think both is equal. This is a typical characteristic of language intercourse.

In actual life, want to have communication successfully, intercourse person the sense that often is satisfied at requirement of place of this intercourse behavior only, and do not use the complete information that gives from the derivation in intercourse statement, that is to say, losing irrelevant information also is the one big characteristic of language intercourse.
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