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" term of English of new weave law " -- , a culture by accident a case of interp

Li Guoqing
Abstract " term of English of new weave law " in by accident the vocabulary entry of interpret cans be found everywhere, it is absolutely by accident of interpret do not issue 100, interpret justice not complete or not essence of life person more, the English paraphrase that still has partial vocabulary entry additionally also has doubt, not only cannot expect like complier place positive effect ” arrives since the construction of the research that the “ study to English of our country law, Yingmeifa learns and legal system of our country democracy in that way, cause a disorder possibly instead, but the example that can yet be regarded as studies to culture affects an interpreter.
Keyword " term of English of new weave law " the dictionary translates culture by accident interpret case research

The interpreter is the changeover of different written language, often be pair of different culture more unscramble; so by accident
Interpret often is culture read by accident. The interpreter is unavoidable to lend auxiliary word allusion; so dictionary, especially
Professional dictionary, the tool that since translates, it is the emissary that culture transmits. Interpret is good, jia Hui
Person forest; interpret is bad, likely entail untold troubles.
The article inscribes what the sentence of medium, English of the head says is not a fact of course. That is a basis
The dictionary is made up, interpret comes out. This dictionary is " term of English of new weave law " (New Glossary Of English Legal Terms) , below abbreviation " term " ) , by legal press at
Published 2000. Dictionary in all 237 pages, english paraphrase and Chinese paraphrase are paratactic. I it
Take serve as a case to discuss, it is the professional dictionary that assumes a such professional presses are published
It is certain to have representative. And according to the “ preface of this dictionary ” place is narrated, complier should be to have quite
Teacher of university foreign language. What accordingly it mirrors is not average interpreter skill issue,
Of the culture that contains to translating object place however read by accident by accident interpret.
The sentence of medium, English that inscribes a head with the article is exemple. The English of Kickback(page 128) commentate
Justice it is The Practice Of A Seller Of Goods Or Services Paying The PurchasingAgent Of Those Goods Or Services A Portion Of The Purchase Price In Order ToInduce The Agent To Enter Into The Transaction, those who point to is a sale square to entice
Purchase the goods that just buys him or service, take out one share sale to give buyer under the counter.
This is not the phenomenon with western peculiar culture, there is an everybody in Chinese familiar to the ear can the name of detailed
Word ——— rake-off. " term " ” of the illicit money that interpret became “ pay compensation for what one has unlawfully taken, illegal monetary reward. Interpret becomes “ illegal
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