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"One " flower interpret -- , hold Tan Yinghan concurrently parallel corpus assis

Xie Jiacheng

(City of state of chaste tree of the phylum outside institute of normal school of chaste tree state 434100)

The article passes the summary parallel corpus is opposite individual English-Chinese “ one with respect to ” a variety of flower interpret of commonly used word undertook this one Chinese be investigated again. Discover traditional experience type investigates a method to get the factor such as thinking of individual knowledge, mother tongue easily restrict and not comprehensive, have very big subjective sex. Apply parallel corpus this one new technical measure investigation is can more comprehensive, more objective, more scientific.

Keyword one with respect to English-Chinese of Han Yiying's individual parallel corpus

The Paper Reexamines The Various English Translations Of A Chinese Common Phrase of Abstract  “Yi. . . Jiu”byusing A New And Efficient Investigation Tool —the Individual Parallel Corpus. The New Method Offers More Comprehensive And Objective Findings Than The Traditional Subjective Analysis.

Yi of   of Key Words. . . Individual E &C Parallel Corpus1 of   of C2E Translation of Jiu   is exordial the article that read Wang Lixin occasionally recently " “ a variety of one flower interpret with respect to ” " [under 1] (lord article) , feeling is quite much. Admire this article author already to the data attentive collect and induce, the complexity of feeling Han Yiying and diversity. According to " advanced Chinese dictionary " explanation, “ expresses two things to go up early or late in time with respect to ” have carry on relation, the subject that completes two works but identical or different, chinese semantics is very clear. However its Chinese-English changeover differs because of words condition, have multiple choice however, only Wang Wen offerred a variety of 30 interpret ways. Suffer this to inspire, the English-Chinese and parallel corpus that the author builds with oneself undertakes be investigatinged again to this structure, the result makes a person thoughtful, the proof applies this one new measure to assist Han Yiying to investigate the work that can complete traditional pattern to need for a long time to just can be finished inside shorter time, and more comprehensive than traditional pattern, more objective.

The investigation method that to be clear about a specification author place uses, be necessary first corpus of parallel of brief introduction English-Chinese. English-Chinese and parallel corpus belongs to bilingual corpus, its are the biggest the characteristic is can have text version of source language text and its interpret language contrasting retrieval and show, than the dictionary (traditional with the electron) have oneself distinct advantage with odd language corpus, be like bilingual contrast language example amount region of much, language condition of strong, words abounds sex of wide, effectiveness for a given period of time etc. Can apply extensively compile at interpreter and bilingual and comparative research, machine translation, bilingual dictionary [2] , also can use at all sorts of classes model foreign language education and pupil learn independently.
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