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Ceng Taiyuan

Liu Yun Kuoxian gives birth to those who make up to grind independently " library of demit of Chinese-English of be handed down from ancient times " (the following abbreviation " demit library " ) jump out of traditional Chinese-English dictionary ponder over mode, it is one has the lexicographic work that starts a gender, deserve attention of bilingual dictionary bound. The article is aimed at " demit library " actor defect makes one assessment, and point out they are the important enlightenment as to bilingual dictionary to Chinese-English dictionary. 

One, " demit library " brief introduction 
" demit library " the 68 pages that contain preface, list add up to with the 32 pages of the watch that check a word 2122  of  page, former with 2 paper-cover 16 " Sino-British transcribe lexicon " publish 1996, ordered with opening number to close formerly 1997 for clothbound a big, after correcting an error 1999, change with 25 " library of demit of Chinese-English of be handed down from ancient times " overprint is issued. Look suddenly under, its dimensions appears the company grinds outside excelling " Chinese-English dictionary " (1995 revised edition) , force continuously of chief editor of Mr Wu Guanghua " Chinese-English big dictionary " (1993 first edition, 1999 revised edition) . Break up carefully however, just discover " lexicon " text has 885 pages only, the half that still is less than whole book (41.7%) , the more than 1000 pages that remain the majority is index, among them detailed catalogue index has 18 pages, chinese index has 520 pages, english index has 593 pages. 
" demit library " weave means is Chinese-English lexicographical the one big innovation that go up. As a result of the characteristic of the Chinese character, dictionary of the Chinese-English on traditional weave is get a word with the word, the exception of a few comes from the United States. 1945 of the United States fight ministry (War Department) published the  of Dictionary Of Spoken Chinese of Chinese-English dictionary  that is standard with the word, get a word with the word no longer, break word word boundary line, do not collect a Chinese character even, complete the Yale plan with morpheme of the freedom in Chinese (the basis that the phoneticize order of Yale Romanization) weaves for the entry. Ever since Yale castigatory is homonymic 1966 dictionary, feel auxiliary besides Chinese character of the attach after the Chinese entry in Yale plan besides, the others all is the same as. And Fred Fangyu Wang 1967 year the  of  Mandarin Chinese Dictionary that makes up, and the  of English Dictionary of  of  ABC Chinese of chief editor of the DeFrancis after 30 years (1996) , abandon Yale plan to collect scheme of the Chinese phonetic alphabet except Roman phoneticize besides, macrostructure is such. No matter be traditional,get a word with the word, return be innovation to break word word boundary line for standard with the word, it is the corresponding view that gives English with the word word belt of Chinese, this is the practice that Chinese-English dictionary secures already not only, the bilingual dictionary of other language on the world also is such, rare person goes thinking seriously other weave the possibility of means. However " demit library " challenged authority bravely the practice of too custom to sth to call it in question, open Chinese-English is lexicographical additionally one kind of possibility that go up, what also be other language is bilingual lexicographical bring a kind of new stimulation. 
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