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" literary interpreter is more aesthetic "

Zhou Xiaoshan

(Institute of Nanjing university foreign language, jiangsu Nanjing 210093)

Read Mr Xi Yongji nearly " literary interpreter is more aesthetic " , this is a kind when interpreter of China of “ of Hubei education press studies ” of a series of books is medium, whole book eight words, take in the hand, feel heavy, can infer author condensed amid of how many painstaking effort. Apropos oneself also are making what literature translates work quite, was determined to spend a many week to go then fine fine grind read. What what why the gentleman makes in article basically is the more aesthetic research that is the same as this different interpret, the abundance that translation compares content, exquisite, deep, gasp in admiration making a person, and consecution is clear, without empty and abstruse homiletic, according to manage citing, tirelessly path comes, it is a when in recent years literary interpreter studies quite representative composing. This book translates research domain to developing, abound interpreter research technique, the guidance that carries out to the interpreter then and the construction that translate course have important edificatory sense. Show those who combine oneself to read experience and his the reflection to the interpreter, make one review to this.

One, the more aesthetic way that literary interpreter studies

Does more aesthetic research have He Yiyi to literary interpreter? Probably “ can use the aesthetic standard that compares a law to show the interpreter learns pair of culture to talk manner ① ” . Beautiful thing must have consult, ability shows its beauty to come. The interpreter also is such, did not compare, do not know where beauty, where to have drawback, rise without what translate quality in order to promote. Mr Xu Jun reads before be being written down very for years " literary interpreter criticizes research " , the administrative levels that literature translates is mentioned inside, highest administrative levels is aesthetic administrative levels namely. If say the beauty that experiences original work is the first pace that translates activity of aesthetic administrative levels, the beauty that how communicates original work is ② of the 2nd pace, I think, the 3rd pace passes what will examine the United States quite to communicate the effect namely. Literature translates the very important one part in serving as culture communication, its communication mission did not become another kind of written language as a kind of character and end, regard communication as the most immediate result, it enters the acceptance in language in interpret state, should be taken seriously actually. And the aesthetic research to translating work, conduce to us understanding a reader to accept rate to it, and the influence that it enters the place in language culture to arise in interpret.

" literary interpreter is more aesthetic " one book cent is on, below two, every have 5 orders each. On piece before have a ” of very special “ notes on the use of a book, showed research category of the author and intent roughly: “ compares aesthetic to cross culture mediumly with literary interpreter, cross a times, cross district literature interpreter to consider to be this book quite most wanted ” closing eye, view of “ Lizhen rich is taken about, the condition ” of concise and comprehensive, “ aims to search beautiful ’ through comparing ‘ and do not beg defect ’ in ‘ , heavy in analyse of ancient bronze mirror still do not judge Zhi. ” Quan Shuzheng spreads out around this one gist closely.
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