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How is Xiao Yong seeing Guo unscrambled " interpreter and multivariate culture "

Congress of interpreter of the 18th world already won conclude, the thematic “ interpreter to this second congress and multivariate culture ” , bureau of Chinese foreign language is standing interpret of deputy director general, China assist the understanding that standing vice-chairman Mr Guo Xiaoyong has him. He from the following 3 respects undertook elaborating.

Above all the process that human history is a development, this process is all sorts of culture communicate ceaselessly, mutual complement and confluence, a process of ceaseless innovation. Translate between this process, produced the effect that cannot replace. He cites a paragraph of our country's famous words that translate domestic Mr Ji Xianlin, will compare China culture with the river, affirmed the main effect that the interpreter develops to China culture.

The 2nd respect, he thinks, culture diversity is a of human society objective reality. There is the reality of each country in each country of current world “ , below the main feature of each culture ” of state-owned each country, culture diversity is the main motive force that the mankind progresses. However, human civilization much appearance is colorful, human society can coexist with communication because had an interpreter,be. “ interpreter is to facilitate different society, different district, a bridge with communication is communicated each other between the country of different culture setting and nation, it is to promote multivariate culture prosperity and confluence, drive human society progress and a harmonious carrier, the force that translates so is very big. ” Guo Xiaoyong says.

The 3rd respect, guo Xiaoyong thinks, “ interpreter and multivariate culture ” this theme is to want to emphasize be in of globalization today, the world collective attention to culture diversity, everybody is paying close attention to this problem, can reveal an interpreter driving human society progress and real world are multivariate the main effect that produces among culture development. Guo Xiaoyong expresses: &We also use Ldquo; this theme reflects China culture further compatible and of harbour include quality, come to advocate China people devotes oneself to peace, development, drive the culture value orientaton that builds harmonious world. ”“ the development of this theme and contemporary world very be identical. ”

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