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Xi Daiyue talks " Roman empire becomes feeble and die history " interpreter

How do you think of to want to translate this monumental work?

Xi Daiyue: Xi Ze of · of Wu Si of bright red manage (mainland interpret makes Kai scatter) it is the hero in translator memory and the character that adore most for a whole life. The priest listens to tell when the middle school " Matthew of · of the New Testament " the 22nd chapter: The content angelica Xi Ze of “ Xi Ze, ” of magical content angelica god; Read Dantean later " divine music " , rest the Bulutesi that murders Xi Ze and card this with the Judas that betrays Jesus, the long and sharp teeth that infiltrates hell is hanged in Satan gets never-ending penalty, this ability in a way comprehends mediaeval Christian civilization, xi Zehe Jesus takes the place of respectively the indicative port that person averting by prayers is treated and the god administers. Interpret of Zhu Shenghao place Shakespeare " Xi Ze great emperor " , bulutesi is in after killing Xi Ze, publish an address to Roman citizen: I do “ so, either Aixizeaide is little, love Rome more however. What ” places on a par Xi Zehe Rome this kind is Demosthenic and tonetic, can foil more the bright color that gives historical tragedy. Young times makes a person arisen and bold and generous truly the lofty aspirations and great ideals of through the ages, still be Xi Ze in Qi La encounter, beat the win document that curia sends after Fanaxisi: “ beyond come, yu Jian, yu Sheng. ” v/arc true man vacates island of equestrian a poetic name of China, a thousand li of decide the issue of the battle person, also answer so. Translator retires in enlisting 1998, alone child head for the United States to read an university, as go burning a meal to take care of him, inside child stay in Taiwan to make money raise the home. During the beauty for goof, interpret goes out " Xi Zezhan is written down " , published by Taiwan cornfield press 2000, develop an agrarian life from now on.

Translator wants interpret " Roman empire becomes feeble and die history " , main reason is to love to read as a child, also can saying is to love to read light reading, it is affection more to the history somewhat bell, tens of year will what do not read below 1000. Of course to " Roman empire becomes feeble and die history " won't let off more, once had read 3 edition that Taiwan publishs, it is brief translation, section translation and come from Japan turn translation, feel special disappointment, when interpret is over " Xi Zezhan is written down " , begin overrate strength, earnestly considers venture. Fitly grand of an old friend week is holding a post in press, be indebted to his commendation, just find the company that is willing to publish.

Before you are translating this composing, preparation of how many time to spend?

Xi Daiyue: Oneself entered thirtieth of officer of Taiwan army officer 1959 2 period, from commander-in-chief of associated couplet Wu to 1998 the ministry shifts to an earlier date one year to retire partly, in army in serve near 40 years, the property of the need of the hobby that is based on an individual, education and job, to battle history read never interrupt; Still have even if translator is holding strong curiosity in the arms to religion, no matter be christian, Buddhist classical, from beginning to end interest is full, especially of interpret of Mr Shi Zizhou " the Koran " can say to be familiar with very much, these reader just are translate this book's mainest preparation job. The preparation with still have more important works I cannot be reached, that translates this book to want perfectness Latin and Greek namely, this is in Taiwan is impossible extravagant hopes. Latin individual character is OK beyond dictionary of rely on for support, paragraphs whole character abandons only, greek should be not carried more; Be in in fact " Roman empire becomes feeble and die history " inside the article, only annotate just cites of Latin and Greek textual, although abandon, also can say the effect is very small.
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