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Wang Kefei: Interpreter -- the crystallization of culture and agency

The interpreter has double sense to culture.
One of, translating work is the crystallization of thought, culture. The interpreter undertakes on language platform, and the carrier that the language is thought culture. Do not say what to carry content, it is carrier itself also possesses culture connotation, be in vocabulary, semantic, pragmatics, rhetorical wait for many levels body to come out now. When the interpreter makes two kinds of language happening are changed, more or less does original content produce change, carrier is changed completely, form new union, namely the crystallization of culture of two kinds of languages.
Secondly, translating work is his language culture and the agency between this language culture. Interpret is made enter different territory, produce an impact with new culture environment surely, or shirt-sleeve, or defy, or keep sb at an arm's length, or derive decay, but no matter why be planted fortune, the metropolis is different level land makes two kinds of culture are contacted, make a lasting vehicle between them.
We say the interpreter is the crystallization of culture, still have a sense, that is its value. Look from the history, the interpreter is the essence that draws valuable thought culture from different region is passed into mostly this a group of things with common features culture, ground of for a long time deep administrative levels is affected this a group of things with common features culture. Resemble the sutra interpreter of our country ancient time, brought philosophic theory of new religious idea, life to Oriental society not only, also brought new vocabulary, concept and literary figure. The interpreter of respect of the religion that the missionary later is engaged in and day, ground, number, manage, also mix secondhand the science that inputted Europe forthrightly is civilized. Intermediary regards as example with the interpreter on Chinese mordern history more. If 8 big interpret of Yan Fu are made, " the weather plays theory " , " former rich " , " group personal authority bound is talked " , " law meaning " , " the name learns elementary introduction " , " the society connects Quan " , " group character learning study " , " Mu Le name learns " etc, it is the serious work of the domain such as politics, economics, law, logic, sociology respectively. The ascensive thought that his interpreter makes the west valuable transmits China systematically quite. All these interpret are made is not the original work on original meaning any more, they produced new value and content in new social culture environment, it is a member in circle of new society culture, become the crystallization of two culture.
We say the interpreter is the agency of culture, also have another sense, that is its element that start. The interpreter is the child that culture development, culture interacts, also be the element that makes culture prosperity and variation. The interpreter makes culture had the advantage of cross, forms interpreter culture is native land culture foreigns lands together the result with interactive culture. For example “ of Pang Deceng of home of American poet interpreter translates ” many Tang poetry, although all through the ages is much more open to question,its interpret is made, but the result that produced expect to be less than however on American poetry development, can saying was to initiate campaign of free verse written in a vernacular. Tang poetry also obtains new student order in exotic an alien land accordingly, or the continuance of life, although this life is not former model already. In the recent literature of China and Japan, also have effect of this kind of interpreter. Be like the interpreter with inchoate Thespian Shakespeare, basically be to compile, of section interpret property, even language, dress up, setting native land changed. But the effect that they also had to arouse culture of native land literature. Interpreter novel is same also, started creation novel on the amount not only, and offerred on formally, content draw lessons from benignantly, arrive from action of thought content, society to creation of native land novel the form is stylistic affect with huge with expressional gimmick. The poetry of period of exercise of Chinese new culture, development that waits for literary form dramatically also greatly the poetry of profit from foreign country, interpreter that waits dramatically is drawn lessons from, these already were well-known issues.
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